Air Ride Suspension reduces vibration for the safe transportation of your delicate products and materials

Air ride suspension vehicles are equipped with a suspension system built around sturdy air bags absorbing vibration and impact shock. Cargo actually floats on a cushion of air, nearly eliminating both compression damage and telescoping. Regardless of your product, it will travel better on our air-ride trucks and trailers.

RUSH provides the ultimate in transportation for critical computer equipment and components. Our air ride suspension vehicles absorb much more road vibration than coil or leaf springs. The ride quality is greatly improved. Potholes, train tracks, and other road irregularities melt away!

  • Calibrated precision equipmentAir Ride Suspension
  • Fragile Electronics
  • Fragile perishables
  • Glass products or materials
  • Hazardous materials
  • Pressurized gas containers
  • Liquid containers

Air-ride suspension also helps reduce driver fatigue and improves mechanical reliability, tire wear and fuel mileage. This combination translates into less downtime and reliable delivery.

You can depend on RUSH to provide customized services for your company’s specialized logistics.