We are in the service business. Our product is intangible, which our customers can only experience through our people. Our job is to ensure a positive experience for all customers through the professional and on time completion of the work they employ us to do it right- THE FIRST TIME. Positive experience comes as the result of:

On time pick-ups
On time deliveries
Saying thank you
Accurate and prompt invoicing
Discipline to customers’ procedures
Professional and polite drivers
Proactive communication
Exceeding customer expectations and excellent customer service

We are an aggressive, organized, professional, positive and proactive group of employees. Our goal will always be to “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME”

Rush Delivery Core Values

Core Values

RUSH Transportation & Logistics internal core values describe the way in which we expect our employees to behave. The campaign puts an importance on Choosing to do the right thing! RUSH core values focus on safety, professionalism and customer service throughout the company, at all times. RUSH employees are expected to be SAFE, PROFESSIONAL and provide CUSTOMER SERVICE in every area of their lives. Before you act, ask yourself “What is the right thing to do?”

Our customers are our primary concern!

SAFETY – at all times, especially when on the road.

  • Don’t tailgate, speed or use your phone while driving.

PROFESSIONALISM – whenever you’re representing RUSH.

  • Be presentable, use appropriate language and turn off your personal cell phones.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – to meet our customers’ needs!

  • Always remember to provide the best possible service for our customers. Make sure to be polite, courteous and meet the customers’ needs to the best of your ability.
  • Be on-times. If you are running late, be sure to update them and keep them informed.

At RUSH we want to “Choose to do the right thing” to always be in the back of our minds. Banners will be placed within each of the three RUSH locations as a reminder to all of us.